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Zhongxin Testing Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is specialized in providing geological, petroleum, chemical, environmental, material, biomedical and A technical service organization for testing and analysis services in gems and other fields. Relying on MEGATOO, the company now has more than 30 sets of various large and medium-sized precision testing instruments, and holds various high-level qualifications within its own business scope...


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Our sampling methods and technologies are leading, and it has made important breakthroughs in the study of authigenic illite chronology

At present, Zhongxin Wanbo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. has become one of the testing companies with a wide coverage of testing business and outstanding professional level. We have an authoritative expert team and a rigorous working attitude to provide customers with the most complete, complete and accurate geological sample testing in terms of rock mineral identification and special research, and strive to obtain satisfactory analysis results for customers and ensure the authenticity and accuracy of data It is the purpose of our enterprise. So far, the company has tested more than 3,000 samples for customers, and the number of test samples currently in progress is more than 200. The main items include: 1. Grinding slices 2. Broken samples 3. Picking samples 4. Microscopic area sampling 5. Rock ore identification 6. Inclusion analysis 7. Separation of authigenic illite 8. Separation of kerogen 9. Vitrinite reflection Rate test 10. Cathodoluminescence identification 11. X-ray diffraction 12. Scanning electron microscope 13. Raman 14. Laser…

Mineral Encyclopedia – illite

Illite is a layered clay mineral similar to mica, also known as hydromuscovite. The flaky or strip-like crystals of illite are very small, and they generally appear to us as earthy. Because of impurities, illite is generally yellow, brown, green and other colors, but if the purity is high, it should be white. Much illite is formed by weathering of muscovite or potassium feldspar, and illite can be transformed into other clay minerals. The crystals are mainly monoclinic hydrous layered silicate minerals. In the formula, R2+ represents divalent metal cations, mainly Mg2+﹑Fe2+ and so on. The crystal structure is basically the same as that of muscovite, and it also belongs to the 2-octahedral type of the 2:1 structural unit layer. Crystals have polymorphic variants such as 1M, 2M, 1Md and 3T. Unlike muscovite, the amount of K+ in the interlayer is less than that of muscovite, and there are water molecules. Therefore illite is also called water muscovite. Others use…


The China Geological Survey Bureau of the Ministry of Natural Resources signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Anhui Provincial People’s Government

On the morning of September 7, Zhong Ziran, a member of the Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Director of the China Geological Survey, visited Wang Qingxian, Deputy Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Anhui Province, in Hefei, Anhui Province, to support and serve the high-quality economic and social development of Anhui Province and the construction of ecological civilization. In-depth discussion, and jointly witness the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties. The two sides believe that the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement is an important measure to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech when he visited Anhui Province, strengthen the “two persistences” and realize the “two greater”. According to the agreement, the two parties will conduct comprehensive survey, evaluation and monitoring of natural resources, ecological geological survey of important ecological function areas, survey of clean energy and strategic mineral resources in important metallogenic…


Public announcement of the Ministry of Natural Resources on the demonstration report on the sea area use of Sinopec Zhejiang Zhoushan Liuheng LNG Project

On September 14, 2021, our department accepted the application for pre-examination of sea use for Sinopec Zhejiang Zhoushan Liuheng LNG Project. According to the relevant requirements of the “Notice of the Ministry of Natural Resources on Regulating the Compilation of Demonstration Materials for the Use of Sea Areas” (Zhi Zi Gui [2021] No. 1), the sea area use demonstration report of this project is now publicized, and the publicity period is September 23, 2021 – October 11 (10 working days). If you have any comments, please send feedback to hyhds_public@mail.mnr.gov.cn. The project announcement information is as follows: 1. Applicant for sea area use: Sinopec Natural Gas Co., Ltd. 2. Compilation unit of the sea area use demonstration report: Ningbo Institute of Oceanography. 3. The full text of the sea area use demonstration report (the publicized sea area use demonstration report does not include any content involving state secrets, commercial secrets, personal privacy, etc.).



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