Our sampling methods and technologies are leading, and it has made important breakthroughs in the study of authigenic illite chronology

Release date: 2022-12-09

At present, Zhongxin Wanbo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. has become one of the testing companies with a wide coverage of testing business and outstanding professional level. We have an authoritative expert team and a rigorous working attitude to provide customers with the most complete, complete and accurate geological sample testing in terms of rock mineral identification and special research, and strive to obtain satisfactory analysis results for customers and ensure the authenticity and accuracy of data It is the purpose of our enterprise. So far, the company has tested more than 3,000 samples for customers, and the number of test samples currently in progress is more than 200. The main items include: 1. Grinding slices 2. Broken samples 3. Picking samples 4. Microscopic area sampling 5. Rock ore identification 6. Inclusion analysis 7. Separation of authigenic illite 8. Separation of kerogen 9. Vitrinite reflection Rate test 10. Cathodoluminescence identification 11. X-ray diffraction 12. Scanning electron microscope 13. Raman 14. Laser confocal 15. Paleontology identification 16. Particle fluorescence, etc.

At present, with the help of Mr. Zhang Youyu, our company has made an important breakthrough in the autogenous illite chronology. As the difficulty of oil and gas exploration further increases, the role and significance of the study of oil and gas accumulation history are further highlighted, and the age determination of authigenic illite can provide the main chronological information for the study of oil and gas accumulation history. The combination of authigenic illite age determination and oil and gas accumulation history research began in the 1980s abroad, and achieved good application results in North Sea oil and gas regions, showing good development prospects. After continuous efforts, important gains have been made in theory, technology, methods and applications. And it is of great significance for the development of authigenic illite chronology technology and oil and gas exploration.