Authigenic illite is isolated

Technical process

The first step, wash the oil

(Chloroform extraction to remove oil and organic matter in sandstone samples)

Step 2: Pre-analysis (sample screening)

(SEM was used to observe the morphologic characteristics of authigenic illite, and XRD was used to determine the clay mineral composition of sandstone and the type and content of authigenic illite)

The third step, coarse crushing

(Sample dissociation in refrigeration-heating cycle)

Refrigeration – heating cycle sandstone sample dissociation technology

Method principle:

By simulating natural weathering process, the sandstone samples are automatically dissociated by freeze-heating automatic circulation technology and the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, so as to avoid the pollution of clastic potassium-bearing minerals caused by excessive fragmentation of clastic potassium-bearing minerals by using wet grinding technology, so as to maximize the separation and purification quality of autogenic illite.

Dissociation effect:

The fourth step, authigenic illite separation purification

(Preparation of clay suspension, sedimentation, siphon extraction, centrifugal separation, microporous membrane vacuum extraction)

Preparation of suspension (Immersion + Wet grinding)

The fifth step, authigenic illite purity detection

(XRD technology was used to detect the purity of the isolated clay samples, to determine the type and content of spontaneous illite and whether it contains impurities such as clastic potassium feldspar and clastic illite)

The sixth step, authigenic illite age determination

(Measure K, measure Ar, calculate k-AR age, and send K content determination to national Geological Testing Center)