The principle of MakingRock Thinsection

Main Equipment: Rock Cutting Machine, Grinding Machine, etc.

The Grinding Process of Rock Thinsection is as Follows:

Sampling: First, cut the rock block of 25 mm × 25 mm × 5 mm on the sample according to the requirements. Loose samples need to be cemented.

Grinding surface: First, 100 silicon carbide is used for rough grinding, then W28 silicon carbide is used for fine grinding, and finally W7 white corundum is used for fine grinding until the plane is bright.

Pasted rock block: After grinding, the polished surface was glued on the glass slide with solid fir glue.

Grinding thinsection: After gluing, the rock blocks are ground into thin section by rough grinding, fine grinding and fine grinding. Rough grinding: grind the rock block to a thickness of 0.28-0.4mm with 100 silicon carbide. Fine grinding: grind the sheet to 0.20-0.27mm thickness with 150 SiC. Fine grinding: on the basis of fine grinding, W28 white corundum is used to grind the rock piece to a thickness of 0.04-0.05mm (the interference color of quartz is grade I yellow), and then W7 white corundum is used to grind the rock piece to a thickness of 0.03mm on the glass plate

Covering with a thin sheet of cover glass: Drop preformed fir glue on the ground thinsection, heat the cover slightly, place it on the rock thinsection and extrude bubbles.

Engraving the number: to carve the number on the slide with a diamond knife.

Cathodoluminescence Thinsection Making:

similar to ordinary thinsection making, but cathodoluminescence thinsection has the following characteristics:

1. The cathodoluminescence thinsection shall not be covered;

2. The surface of the cathodoluminescence thinsection shall be polished;

3. The thickness of the cathodoluminescence thinsection shall be 0.04mm or thicker;

4. The cathodoluminescence thinsection shall be glued with 502 glue; 5. The rock thinsection with oil shall be cleaned.

5. Casting thin section production:

before grinding thin section, the casting body is made, that is, the rock sample is boiled with glue to make the glue fully fill the rock pores. And then grind the ordinary rock thin section.

6. The characteristics of the rock fluorescent thin section:

502 glue is used for both gluing and gluing; the thickness of the thin section is 0.04-0.05mm, and the sheet is not covered.

7. Implementation standard:

SY/T5913-2004 Rock thin section preparation