Zhongxin Wanbo Testing Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a technical service organization specialized in providing testing and analysis services in the fields of geology, petroleum, chemical industry, environment, materials, biomedicine and gems. The company releis on Beijing Megatoo Technology Co., Ltd. The company has more than 30 large and medium-sized sophisticated instruments.We have all kinds of high-level qualification certificates within our business scope.

Our company is at the leading level in rock and mineral analysis, ore dressing and metallurgy, geological survey sample analysis method and application technology. We study the systematic scheme of multi-element analysis method for regional geochemical survey samples.It has been successfully applied to the multi-element analysis of mineral, environmental and agricultural geochemical survey, achieving professional analysis and testing ability.

The company is devoted to becoming an authoritative geological sample testing service provider.The company provides inspection and evaluation and other technical services. Backed by modern instruments and equipment, strong technical force and strict quality management, it has provided a large number of testing services for geoscience research and mineral resources exploration and development for many years, and goes on basic research and application research.The laboratory is established in the capital and radiates all over the country. It provides basic geological information for universities, research institutions and hospitals, and provides professional geological related tests for the society. The company is jointly established by Beijing Megatoo Technology Co., Ltd. and several geological experts. Based on the well-known scientific research and experimental equipment, we serve the vast number of scientific research institutions and contribute to the improvement of national scientific research strength.

Authoritative experts and rigorous attitude are with us. In rock and mineral identification and special research, we provide customers with the most complete, and accurate geological sample testing, and strive to obtain satisfactory test results. We will ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the data.

Company Culture


Advocating honesty and belief, great virtue, and always embodying honesty and fairness as company values.


Advocating science and technology first, following standards, paying attention to details, and striving for perfection.


Always maintain its own independence and provide independent judgment; it is committed to providing scientific, fair and accurate data and reports.


United will, iron will become gold; mutual aid and mutual trust, team first; relying on team spirit to achieve goals.


Ambition is lofty, accumulation and development, committed to building a learning organization; diligent and self-improvement, committed to becoming a respected professional.


Always be customer-oriented, focus on continuously improving the quality of work, and provide the best service; pay attention to social responsibility, and improve the quality of life through professional services.

Testing Equipment

CRAIC Apollo Raman Spectrometer

508PV Universal Microspectrophotometer

Economical UV-Vis-NIR Micro Spectrometer

MixRan Micro Sampler/Hydrocarbon Inclusion Micro Sampler

RELIOTRON cathodoluminescence instrument and micro area spectrometer

Rock and Mineral Identification—NIKON Microscope Series

Fission Tracker

Hot and cold table temperature measurement system

Ludl motorized stage + microscope

APOLLPII confocal Raman spectrometer

Laser Raman

Cathodoluminescence system

Company Environment